Saturday, May 31, 2008

Not rich but, ...Happy.

So my fortune cookie today said:

"Stop searching forever, Happiness is just next to you"

And for at least once in my life, I can agree with my fortune cookie. Not to toot my own horn but, life is going pretty good right now.

  • I have a decent amount of friends around
  • I have family nearby as well
  • I have a wonderful fiance who loves me irregardless
  • I am in good health
  • I have a car
  • I have a well paying, not-so-stressful job
  • I have no debt
  • I have money in the bank
  • I'm an American citizen
  • I just finished writing a finance book & with a little tweaking I should be able to publish it online shortly.
  • I have many more blessings but, unfortunately I can't list them all here.
I guess the saying 'money can't buy you happiness' is very true but, the contrast is deep debt can make your life miserable. I'm so blessed the misery is over. God willing, it will stay that way.

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