Monday, May 5, 2008

Progress Report - for week ended 5/4/08

Again - here are my goals for May:

  1. Write a book about Debt - I wrote the first chapter.I'm actually planning on working on the 2nd chapter a little tonight. Altogether I plan to have 10 chapters and make the book a quick and easy to read guide under or around 100 pages.
  2. Increase budget on Wedding account to $7500 - Got a rebate check back for adding my fiance's phone to my cell phone plan. Will most likely add that to the wedding account and i hear a rumor that U.S. tax rebates are coming out soon - we'll probably contribute most if not all of these towards our wedding account.
  3. Put at least 3 items on E-bay to sell - I have the account just need to actually put something up. Did some research on shipping a few weeks back and i think that was the only thing really holding me back.
So in the first couple days it appears I'm off to a good start I just need to focus more time on getting things done which should hopefully be more of a possibility now that I have moved into 'our' new place.

In other news I was able to get my Internet set up which is very nice & fantastic I think. I also saw a note on Blogger's dashboard about time-delayed posts! I think that is great - can't wait to use that because I only have time to blog at the strangest possible times.


noma said...

Dude. Your tagline at your BizarroWorldFreakShow comment is awesome. Will be visiting.

Reggie said...

Thanks Noma I like your blog too!