Thursday, May 1, 2008

April 2008 Net Worth

So it appears my Net Worth took a bit of a hit this month. Fortunately, I know that the hit is mainly my car's value and not any additional debt. A few weeks back my tire went flat which led me to find some additional damage on my vehicle that takes it from being in "Good" condition down to "Fair". It's OK my car will be alright but the difference in Value is about $750 give or take. Plus old 'Carmen' is coming close to pushing 200K so it might be time for a new ride very soon.

On an entirely different note - I am really glad I'll be switching back to my home Internet come tomorrow once it's installed in the new place... one major disadvantage of library Internet is the possibility of sitting next to pseudo-homeless person who hasn't bathed in days. People sitting around you begin to think your the cause of the stench and it might be rude to just stand up and point to the person next to you who's causing the stench. So much for manners...

Anyway - once my Internet is up and running I'll be posting my goals for May. Until then thanks for reading.

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