Saturday, May 3, 2008

April Results/May Goals -2008

My goal for April was:

1. Add $3000 into Wedding Savings account. - FAILURE

I think I might have set my hopes a little too big for our wedding savings. Moving into new places didn't help the matter either. I think this month I will go back to the old strategy.

That being said - here are my goals for May:

    1. Write a book about Debt
    2. Increase budget on Wedding account to $7500
    3. Put at least 3 items on E-bay to sell
Hopefully the three-pronged approach will help me achieve a little bit better. It appears it might be my potential A.D.D. that sabotaged the 'single goal' experiment/idea. I've had so many things going on that i really didn't have tome to devote to this.

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