Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Progress Report for week ended 5/18/08

I'm having multiple technical difficulties with my computer recently so I am writing from the ole' library and I must be brief. here are my goals for May:

  1. Write a book about Debt - I've written the 1st -5th chapters I plan to work on the 6th chapter tonight.
  2. Increase budget on Wedding account to $7500 - I recently learned i will be financially responsible for making sure some of my guests are taken care of. Because of this, I am holding off on contributions to the wedding account and allowing my fiance to handle these.
  3. Put at least 3 items on E-bay to sell - still slacking - maybe if my computer comes back off of life support I will dabble in this this weekend. Then again maybe not.

I did get that 'economic stimulus' check and I spent half about a quarter of celebrating - yours truly's birthday. I am also no longer a 20 something but, a 30-something now. Kind of funny - I thought I'd be richer, taller or better looking by now. Oh well...

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