Friday, June 20, 2008

So I went to a entrepreneur* meeting....

Man was it cool!

I have to admit, I felt nervous at first and almost got discouraged and turned around at first but, luckily somoene asked If I was there for the meeting, handed me a name badge and my fate was sealed from that point forward.

One thing I definitely should've brought were business cards but, I don't have any yet to promote my yet un-published book. I also didn't know what exactly to say when people asked 'what do you do' which was the first question out of everyone's mouth.

After the 'meet & greet' session, they did have a speaker who talked about the 'elevator speech' - which is basically what everyone else was announcing when I asked the question 'what do you do' back.

Basically an elevator speech is a quick, conversational pitch - these entrepreneurs give on a regular basis about their product or services. I even met a couple of contacts who may be able to help me get my book off the ground!

I'm very excited only regret is that I didn't just get out there and do something like his much earlier - even if it's in a part of town I don't usually hang out at.

*I previously tagged this as a 'network marketing meeting' and it was nothing of the sort. Just wanted to clarify that for myself. I will not be selling Avon - or trying to gain an 'up-line' anytime soon.

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