Sunday, June 8, 2008

Progress Report - For week ended 6/8/08

So here are my goals for June 2008:

  1. Publish Debt Freedom book (online or otherwise) - I am doing the editing (Typing ) process right now. Just gone done with Chapter 3 and i plan to finish chapter 4 tonight as well - God willing. If I can get focused I can get all the typing done this week. Then I'd like to add a few extra sections and possibly some quotes but first I need to finish up typing - again hopefully by the end of next week.
  2. Join (or start) an entrepreneur's group - I looked for one online last week but there first meeting isn't until the end of June - maybe if I look harder I'll find one for this week?
  3. post at least 25 blogs this month - As I look at my blogs for June it looks like I've published 6 so far and this will make for 'number seven' so at this pace I will achieve this goal on time but, It wouldn't hurt to achieve it way early either.
  4. **Subscribe to Inc Magazine - SUCCESS -Ha ha! I beat up the procrastinator-side-of-me and locked him in a closet shortly after writing this goal so I could send in a handy dandy check for Inc . & Fast Company for the super-low price of $15. Now If I can just find a way to get that procrastinator-side-of-me from the closet over to a walk in industrial freezer somewhere - I think I might have a very productive rest of the year.
So the first week is going pretty good. It doesn't hurt that the sun is out and I become more enthusiastic when it's sunny and warm outside. If i can keep hype the whole summer I might accomplish something great. Or at least meet my New year's resolution...


karabryan said...


I'm new to the blogging community but I was impressed by your enthusiasm. I'm struggling to get out of debt and I know I'm going to make it. I love your goal list. That is great. I think I'm going to start one myself. If you get the chance, maybe you could visit my blog and give me some pointers. I also feel more optimistic when the sun is warm and skies are bright. Good luck in everything you do. All of the most successful people start with a goal and if you believe, you will achieve!

Reggie said...

Thanks KaraBryan,

I appreciate it. I like your blog so far - the main pointer I would say is to stick with it. Around month 6 or 7 or so It can be burdensome but, if you enjoy writing and more importantly voicing your opinion, then you'll do fine.