Monday, June 2, 2008

May results/June Goals - 2008

My goals for May were as follows:

    1. Write a book about Debt - SUCCESS - I finished all 10 chapters on Thursday, a day early.
    2. Increase budget on Wedding account to $7500 - FAILURE * - * I've kind of backed off of contributing to the wedding account for some reasons of my own. There is also the fact that our budget will most likely be a little (or a lot) less than originally thought.
    3. Put at least 3 items on E-bay to sell - FAILURE - nope didn't really even try. I was mostly focused with writing the book.
Even though I only accomplished one goal, I think I will stick with the 3-goal approach. Although this spreads out my energy a little if I accomplish all three then I feel pretty darn accomplished. If I accomplish one I've got that one.

    1. Publish Debt Freedom book (online or otherwise)
    2. Join (or start) an entrepreneur's group
    3. post at least 25 blogs this month
    4. **Subscribe to Inc Magazine
So there you have it. I am optimistic that all the above goals are highly attainable. Just need to focus and forget about watching the Simpson's.

**By the way, the last goal is so easy, in theory I should owe someone money if I DON'T do it. ..and I hate owing anybody money.


The Soul Sista said...

I love this blog. Look forward to reading more!

Reggie said...

Thank for reading!

Debt Hater said...

I'm super proud of you buckling down and writing your book. Can a sister peek!? I'm dying of curiosity...

Reggie said...

Thanks Debt Hater. I'm proud of you for killing that debt!

I'm playing around with titles but, we shall see... I don't know if it's procrastination but, I'd like an editor to check it out a little before I post it anywhere. Maybe I'll let you see though.