Sunday, June 22, 2008

Progress Report - for week ended 6/22/08

So, here a week before month end - are my goals for June 2008:

  1. Publish Debt Freedom book (online or otherwise) - I'm done typing, I have some family members checking on legal and factual issues. This week I hope to get an LLC set up - which I think I'll need before I can publish the book without worrying too much about legal issues. I also might have some tweaking to do if I can fit it in. It's going to be close one for actually getting the book published by month end but, I think I'm definitely on the right path.
  2. Join (or start) an entrepreneur's group - SUCCESS - I just went to great group last week and I plan to check out another one this coming week and a 3rd at the beginning of next month. I'm pumped. Hopefully the next two are as great as the one I went to on Thursday!
  3. Post at least 25 blogs this month - As I look at my blogs for June it looks like I've published 15 so far and this will make for 'number sixteen' so obviously I need to 'kick it up a notch' for the final full week of June.
  4. **Subscribe to Inc Magazine - SUCCESS -Done - yup I finished this simple goal way early. Maybe as a confidence booster for my other goals.
So this week I'll need to keep busy in order to accomplish goals #1 & #3. I think I'll make a list of the things I need to do this week here shortly just a double-check for myself.

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