Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Screw an I-Phone...I don't care how much it costs...

...I want THIS phone!

I hope Verizon takes Nokia phones - do they? I checked out earlier today and read this article about the above phone.

What can I say - screw an I-phone I want a phone that turns into a watch and gets re-charged by the sun - I mean com'on it's about time right?

I guess I won't say I completely don't care how much it cost but, if it's in the low 4 digits I might make a layaway plan for it. If it's in the 5-digits for some reason forget about it.


Moneymonk said...

DAYUM!!!! It that real??? I love it. The future is here

Reggie said...

Yeah I know! I guess it doesn't come out for another decade though - but I'm willing to bribe someone in Europe to be cutting edge - assuming it's THAT cutting edge.