Monday, February 18, 2008

A credit card for your debt-freedom?

So, I got a credit card solicitation in the mail over the weekend.

What made me actually open it is how ironic the the wonderful offer is. On the window portion of the envelope it says:

"Apply for your Debt-Free Plan* account today"

Little do they know - I am debt free. However, it was nice that a big bank, whose initials spell a rather large snake, had the thoughtfulness to offer me more debt in order to get out of debt. How quaint.

I love how the big banks watch out for me. They even added:

"Upon approval, we can deposit the money directly into your checking account so you can use it right away."
That's the way to do it - put a ton of cash into the checking account of someone who doesn't know how to manage there money in the first place. real good, I wonder if they would approve the maximum $50,000 credit limit for me...

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