Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Is the $600 rebate really a post-poned Goverment IOU?

I was shocked and appalled today when I overheard a co-worker mentioning how the $600 rebate will really be owed back in 2009's taxes. I've tried to dig a little to find a few grains of truth to this accusation and found one:

Not that I need the $600 bucks - well if I go jobless, I just might - but, I feel a little scammed if this is true.

I haven't seen anything on any major news source but, I have a feeling there may be some actual truth to this rumor.

Does anyone know more about this? Let me know.


TMAC said...

I heard the same thing. The govt is treating it as an "advance against 09 tax returns.

Reggie said...

Man, that is really suspect, I mean giving us an 'IOU' tax burden will only piss people off Once President Obama - I mean, the next President is on office and get there tax bill.