Thursday, February 14, 2008

Guys, don't be a cheap-@$$ on V-day

Take this from someone who learned this the hard way this week:

So a few weeks ago - I was looking online for flower shops in my fiance's area in order to get a discount for buying flower's early. I talked to a lot of shops but, one shop in particular promised me a price about $10-20 below the rest of the market BUT - they didn't have the exact prices and wouldn't have them until the next day. The lady on the line literally begged me to wait a day so they could get prices for V-day. Mind you every other shop I talked to already had their prices ready and available.

I waited for a phone call back the next day that never came so I called the shop again (cause, I did want to be a cheap ass and save that $20 bill) - I talked to someone at the flower shop who said they still didn't have the prices but they would in about an hour. So an hour went buy and called and go the price which was about $15 cheaper than every other shop. I asked them if I could put the bill on my credit card (which I would immediately pay off) - Surprisingly they said 'we don't take credit cards'

I paused and asked what they do take - they replied we take cash or check. This caused a dilemma with me being 2 hours away. They offered to send an invoice, I agreed. A week went by and no invoice in the mail, I decided to send the money anyway.

So this week, still no invoice - I freaked out and went online and bought another Dozen roses for my fiance. So today she did get both set of flowers today - much to her delight.

But, if I would've just stuck with the online order or paid a little more - I would've saved $60-70.

Lesson - don't be a cheap ass when it comes to V-day. Pay a little extra for your sweetheart if you have one - for those guys that don't have a sweetheart: psst be, thankful - you are saving yourselve's ton's of money!... By the way, did I mention i love my fiance!

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