Sunday, February 10, 2008

Progress report - for week ended 2/10/08

So, I am ready to begin the job search again tomorrow. Here's my progress so far.

Goals by the end of February 2008 -

  1. Apply to 10 full time jobs that have a starting salary at at least 90% of current income - This past week I applied to about3-5 jobs that meet this description.
  2. Go to 1 or more job fairs - There is a fairly large job fair this week I plan to attend.
  3. Interview for at least 3 jobs at current company or similar-sized company* - I had a job shadow/informal interview on Friday at my company. I also have an internal interview set up tomorrow so hopefully it will all be for the best.
*on a side note, a e-mail conversation I had last week leads me to believe I may be in the running for an internal job I already applied for. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and plan to do some follow up tomorrow - hopefully I hear some good news soon though!

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