Monday, February 4, 2008

January results/February goals

I've been sick and busy (in no particular order) the last couple of days. Here come the goals - obviously the job loss in the middle of the month changed some of the priorities a tad.

Goals by the end of January 2008 -

  1. Apply to 20 full-time jobs (using cover letters) - SUCCESS - I have more than exceeded this goal in my search for a new job. At last count it was around 70 or so.
  2. Save $1500 in Me & fiance's joint (wedding expenses) savings account - FAILURE - Due to circumstances the account is hovering around a Grand currently.
  3. Re-send query to two books agents, send query letter to 10 new agents - FAILURE - I didn't even really try this one. Once some stability returns I shall revisit it.
Obviously the main goal for the coming month (if not months) is gainful employment. I've already picked up a part-time job in the interim but, the hours and the work kind of sucks:

Goals by the end of February 2008 -

  1. Apply to 10 full time jobs that have a starting salary at at least 90% of current income
  2. Go to 1 or more job fairs
  3. Interview for at least 3 jobs at current company or similar-sized company
I really hope that I'll be able to find a decent job so I don't need to stress as much as I have been. I have a good feeling though that it will all work out for the best.


AQUILOGY said...

Good on your job hunt bro. hope you find employement soon

zackattack said...

I really think that you need to grow this blog. You also need to attend networking events to push your blog and your professional skills out there.

You're a gifted black man, whom I give mad props to. But you've got to let the world see those gifts. has grown in just 9 months to becoming a national media phenomenon. You can do the same.

It all starts when you e-mail me...

Reggie said...

Thanks Aquilogy,

Thanks Zack,

I really appreciate the words of encouragement.

Zack I'll have to check out the average bro site.