Monday, February 18, 2008

Progress Report for week ended 2/17/08

I had some computer issues yesterday so I wasn't able to update until now. Here's my progress so far.

Goals by the end of February 2008 -

  1. Apply to 10 full time jobs that have a starting salary at at least 90% of current income - So far this month I've applied to 6-7 jobs that meet this description.
  2. Go to 1 or more job fairs - I did go to a job fair last week, unfortunately there were not that many positions I would be interested in there. The one location I was interested in wouldn't take any resumes. They said "apply online" -which, in my opinion defeats the whole purpose of making the effort to go out to a job fair.
  3. Interview for at least 3 jobs at current company or similar-sized company* - I've had about 2 job interviews within my current company so far this month. One of those positions unfortunately has already verified they picked another candidate.
I have been in communication with a hiring manager for a company job that I believe I have a good chance of getting however, I was under the false impression that an offer would have been made last week. Another co-worker who lost her job as well, DID receive an offer from this same hiring manager last week. I was bugging him all last week and hopefully my impatience did not ruin my chances - but, maybe it did.

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