Saturday, February 9, 2008

Blogging envy...[rant]

I guess it's not right to have blogging envy as we all have our different story to tell but, man, one of my favorite blogs just got me really envious of them recently.

I won't say which blog but, I will say that it was not so much the content that they posted - it was just a "monthly net-worth update" - as much as the ads they have running.

They had my current employer (possibly) soon to be 'former' employer posting an add with them. Let's just put it this way - my current employer is Fortune 500 company!

In other words this blog must be getting some decent dinero for just being such a long-standing blog.

I admit it, I've been slacking but, as soon as I resolve the lack-of-full-time-job issue I will be doing my best to post and publicize my blog more regularly.

My company doesn't have enough money in the budget to pay my salary anymore but, does have enough money to advertise on a great (however not insanely huge) blog. Something has got to change here and hopefully for the better.

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