Sunday, February 24, 2008

Progress report - for the week ended 2/24/08

I haven't been slacking - I swear but working two jobs while your looking for a new full time job can be tiring.

Goals by the end of February 2008 -

  1. Apply to 10 full time jobs that have a starting salary at at least 90% of current income - I think I'm still at the 7 range but by the time the day is over I might have reached the goal of applying to 10 jobs.
  2. Go to 1 or more job fairs - SUCCESS - I did go to a job fair two weeks ago to mixed results. There were only about 10-15 booths there with only one employer I would consider working for, Another that i already work for.
  3. Interview for at least 3 jobs at current company or similar-sized company* - I'm still at 2 interviews for the month. I keep getting feedback that their may be a position within my current employer but, weeks later - no one has told me anything definite about the position I'm asking about.
This week I think I'm going to take breather from stressing - or at least try to because I think my anxiousness to find a new job very well may have scared off a potential future employer when I called (and called again) to follow-up. I guess finding a new job is liking finding a girlfriend or boyfriend - you'll get nowhere if you look like you're too desperate - this very well may have been my mistake this past week.

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