Sunday, October 7, 2007

Progress Report - week ended 10/7/07

So I just wanted to really quickly go over my progress report for October goals:

  1. Sell more things on E-bay - I haven't yet received my check back from 'i sold it on e-bay' I think I might try and sell some more through them or on my own once I get a handle on how to sell things on e-bat, packing and shipping and what not.
  2. Make $100 in alternative income - this somewhat corresponds with goal #1. I am looking at a number of alternate methods to grow income, have note yet focused on or made any additional income for the month as of yet though.
  3. Raise net worth above $8000 (again) - I plan to increase my 401K contribution back to my company's match this week and that, along with some creative saving or 'independent revenue creation' will hopefully put me over the 8K mark.
  4. Apply/try out for 3 finance related freelancing jobs - I'm slacking on this one, will research this week if there is time.
  5. Pay off remainder of debt/collection - SUCCESS I paid off my collection by settling in full on Thursday, I will pay off the $200 on my credit card as soon as I get my bill.

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