Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Article/News bit of the Week: Don't kill yourself over debt

So I was reading this article from my favorite online new source over the weekend:

Man kills self in front of City Council after zoning decision

And after delving a little further into the article I realized this man's senseless death had a lot to do with his impending financial state. This particular blurb says a lot:

"Ronald "Bo" Ward, owner of Bo's Barber Shop, had told the council his business would go under if he couldn't get his home rezoned as commercial. After the 5-7 vote Thursday night, Ward stood and walked toward the council.

"Y'all have put me under. ... I'm out of here," he said before shooting himself in the head with a small handgun."

Suicide is a touchy thing but after honestly considering the suicide option, - more than once - while I was in debt above my head, I have to say it is really not worth it. If you're deep in debt right now and the thought of suicide has crossed your mind or you've gone so far to checked out suicide.com ...I would strongly suggest seeking a counselor or a very sympathetic and open friend to talk about what you're going through right now.

Life can be beautiful when you overcome your mistakes but a key step in overcoming your mistakes is facing them and getting over, around or sometimes straight through them.

If you're in high-interest credit card debt hell right now, start by getting a big pair of scissors or a blender you don't use and destroy those cards. DO it NOW!

Another good step to take would be to either pick up a book by Dave Ramsey or if you have an Ipod, join his free Podcast. Everyday on his Podcast he talks to people who have been through what you've been going through if not worse. This will help you understand that you are definitely not the only person on the planet that has made a mistake. (I wouldn't suggest giving him a call though until you're OUT of debt - he tends to yell at callers and another person yelling at you is probably the last thing you need right now)

Another Option is to Check out Bloggers that have gotten rid of debt or are in the process of getting rid of it. My personal favorites are -Debt Hater , Debt Free Renee, and the blog that inspired me to start blogging - Make Love, Not Debt.

Last but, not least - make some goals. If you have no direction, chances are the powers that be will push you in a direction - not necessarily the one you want to go in either.

Maybe make 3 financial goals of how you can change your direction, this week. It could be as little as "I will save $10 no matter what", to "I will omit my $5 Starbucks coffee break for a .99 cent coffee break at the gas station/convenience store" to "I will sell my least favorite Elvis collectible plates on e-bay this week" But do something, Living life debt free is so much more enjoyable - you don't HAVE TO work for the man YOU CHOOSE to work for the man. Or maybe, just maybe, you'll go out and work for YOURSELF -once that goal of being debt-free is achieved.

But don't kill yourself over your bank statement - in this country that might mean a lot but in other countries it means next to nothing. Believe me I've been there, and I am so grateful today that I never went through with it - no matter what the TV says your credit score does not completely define who you are.

There are some people with 800-850 credit scores who effectively useless when it comes to being a 'good person'.


Moneymonk said...

Many people have committed suicide over death. Debt can stress you out so much, that you just give up easy. In addition to debt resources - prayer always works.

You have been tagged Reggie

Reggie said...

OH man and did I pray, I forgot all about that. Man I wonder what Atheist do when they feel there's no one to turn to?

Valley Girl said...

Congrats on paying off your debt! That is a huge accomplishment. Hope you post pics documenting your search for a ring for your girlfriend so we can ooo and aaah over it.

Reggie said...

Thanks! Now the search for rings begins - ironically I got a VM from a jeweler today who I had visited a month ago. Her stuff is overpriced but, talk about customer-service, remembering to call me back the moment my mind is focused on small, clear rocks.

zackattack said...

This is your best post yet.
Nothing depresses people like debt.
It's like a monkey on your back- that 's GLUED to you!

Reggie said...

Thanks again Zack. good to see your back.