Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Geez, I've been staring at my computer blankly for about 20 minutes now trying to think of clever stuff to write about myself seeing as MoneyMonk - tagged me - for this "7 random things about me" chain. I appreciate it, as I've never been tagged before but, ...OK enough excuses, on with the things about me.

1) I like to to draw - I used to draw pretty well back in the day. Then while out and about one day when I was about 14, my father explained to me why artists make no money...and I should concentrate on business or something that makes money. If I had only known he was only half-right I would've probably gone to art school and be living in NYC right now. Que sera sera right?

2) I used to have a pet shark - Well my dad did. It was about 3 feet long in a 6 foot tank and I used to feed it fish food, I think, when I was 5 after I came home from school. Imagine my horror when my Uncle took me on a Pacific fishing trip when I was about 8, I actually caught a baby shark (with a lot of grown up help) and when I asked my Uncle to throw it back he and his friends instead skinned the shark and served it as a stew, later that night.

3) Licorice is my absolute favorite type of candy- Strawberry or Cherry Twizzlers especially. I will probably be passing that out if I have any trick-or-treaters later this month. Or, maybe I'll be stingy and just give the kiddo's Snicker's instead.

4) I was a child model - Yes, I very well may be in an old, dusty, 6th grade geometry textbook of yours. I'd be the black kid with the fake smile looking at cones & cylinders with another black kid with a fake smile.

5) I have never stepped foot out of North America- I have been to Tijuana, Toronto a couple of times and some mall either in Vancouver, Canada or very, very close to it. I'd like to go to Africa or my girlfriend's home country someday and I guess Europe. Only time will tell.

6) I still read (and sometimes buy) comic books - OK, but to put it in perspective, I read 'adult comic books' called Graphic Novels. For example Y the Last Man, is easily one of the best Graphic Novels out there today about the sole, male survivor from a worldwide plague that kills every single male mammal on the planet and leaves plenty of women who want him, but more newly christened Lesbians that want to kill him. Which makes the last thing about me very obvious...

7) I am an undercover black nerd - I mean honestly, I am one taped-up pair of bifocals away from beating Steve Urkyll out of his coveted post. I don't wear glasses(usually), I work out regularly, and I have a beautiful girlfriend so the secret is usually kept under wraps until I open my mouth for extended periods of time.

OK time to 'tag' 4 others. I choose TMAC at My Financial Odyssey, Debt Hater, Give me Back My Five Bucks, & Single Ma


Moneymonk said...

I was a child model "....yeah I think I saw you in a JCPenny catalog LOL

Reggie said...

Actually it was only 1 time when I was about 4' tall - my cuteness has worn off dramatically since then.