Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Article/News bit of the week: USA becoming less valuable

I finally decided to force myself to look somewhere other than CNN.com for articles & news bits this week.

Instead this week I branched out to CNBC.com to find this article:

U.S. Assets Dumped by Foreign Investors in August

The article talks about how foreign investors are slowly divesting from the U.S. And that divesting is leading to the ever devalued dollar - I think President Bush is the main cause - but, that's just my liberal bias getting out of it's cage.

Another news article that I overheard on Fair Game - my current favorite talk radio program (Have I mentioned I'm a nerd?). Faith Salie, the host, recently had Douglas Rushkoff on who talked about Media Overdose . Basically he explained that the media persuades you into thinking things that are not necessarily true or sometimes completely off base.

I'd suggest checking out the link and listening to the program to be sure but, at one point he explained that certain Republican or at least non-Democrat entities sent mail to predominantly black neighborhoods (...wait what does this have to do with finance? - I'm getting there - stay with me) a few weeks before an election that explained to the recipient (most likely black) that if they went to a polling place to vote they would either have to pay any outstanding parking bills or fines with the city OR be arrested on the spot at the polling place. Of course this was complete fiction but on some level it kept a percentage of black voters from voting.

It sickens me that might have actually worked. But black people: pay your bills, then buy land, then harass your congress-person to stop crap like this from happening.

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