Sunday, October 28, 2007

Progress Report - for week ended 10/28/07

  1. Sell more things on E-bay - I will probably not have time to sell anything else on E-bay in the next 3.5 days but we shall see.
  2. Make $100 in alternative income - I'm starting to see a little bit more of a return from Google and other sources but it's still under the $10 mark.
  3. Raise net worth above $8000 (again) - man, although I should be happy about the reason I am not reaching this goal I have mixed feelings. I bought a ring on a credit card (after swearing to myself I would never do that) and proposed to my girlfriend - now fiance - because I guess my thrifty, ever-saving, pay-in-cash ways were affecting our relationship. On top of that, my car decided to fall apart this week so I put even more debt onto the card since my bank account was completely drained after paying my weekly bills and I definitely needed the repairs. Bottom line my relationship is much better, my debt-level is much worse.
  4. Apply/try out for 3 finance related freelancing jobs -SUCCESS I actually have a possible freelancing job in the works right now, I just need to secure some details.
  5. Pay off remainder of debt/collection - SUCCESS* - Well, I paid off the collection but, * due to a spontaneous proposal and car trouble I am back in the debtors club.


GeckoGirl said...

I'm concerned about your #3. I get the impression that you bought the ring on credit (vs saving up the cash) because your fiancee was pressuring you for a ring. If this is the case, DANGER WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! One of, if not the most, prevalent cause of marital problems is money. You don't want to enter into a marriage with someone who will derail your goals and/or encourage debt. That's inviting a lifetime of heartache or a divorce.

Reggie said...

Very true - however, I think I talk about personal finance and think about personal finance a little too much for her to derail me that much.

The battle of course will come over the next several months as she argues that we HAVE to buy something now for the wedding when I'd much rather comparison shop - like I said I have mixed feelings on the matter.

GeckoGirl said...

Not that you asked my opinion but I think finances is something you guys need to SERIOUSLY discuss before you even start planning the wedding. Once you're married and your finances are combined, trouble can arise quickly. What happens when you want to save money or pay off debt but she (knowingly or unknowingly) sabotages those efforts by having to buy something now vs wait and save up?

There are 40-something year old guys at my job who won't be able to retire when they want because they're constantly having to pay off their wives' credit cards. You need to make sure you're both on the same path and have the same goals before you do anything else. And I mean, REALLY make sure you're both on board. It does no good for her to agree to something just to make you happy but then do something contrary.

Before the wedding planning takes place, I advise you to both open up your finances to each other. This means salary, credit reports, debt, the whole nine. That will give you both a good look at who/what you're dealing with.

Reggie said...

Thanks Gecko girl,

We've actually been pretty open with our finances already. I think it will work out - if not - Lord send me a sign. She'll have her credit pulled in the next couple months to make sure there's no issues.