Friday, October 12, 2007

I think I'm gonna go spend some money...wastefully.

So I was supposed to go hang out with my girlfriend tonight but, she (who lives pretty far away - in her defense) bailed on me in the last minute.

I've already set up plans to meet up w/ other friends and drink semi-senselessly but I also have an 8AM appointment tomorrow for new glasses (theives stole the old - 14 year-old pair I had) so I'm debating what to do.

Well I just finished donating $40 in the name of public radio - Tavis Smiley to be specific - So I might as well donate some money towards the It's-Friday-and-I-need-liquid-poison-to-relax fund.

Yeah, I think I'll be donating to that fund sometime soon.


TMAC said...

I haven't been out drankin in a long long time. Sounds like fun!

- TMac

Reggie said...

It was fun - even funner when you're paying with cash!