Monday, December 17, 2007

Weddings can be costly - when you're paying

So I did a 'high-low' budget for my impending nuptials and sent them to the boss (aka my fiance) for approval here what the damage came to:

Low: $250
High: $500

Low: $750

High: $1500

Low: $200?

High: $500?

Low: $100

High: $500?

Low: $250

High: $400

Limo/car rental:
Low: $150

High: $750

Low: ? - I have no clue

High: ? - I have no clue

Reception Hall rental:
low: $500

High: $1000

low: $2000

High: $4000

low: $500

High: $1000

Bar* (*assuming I can find a happy medium for ultra-religious adopted parents-to-be)
low: (cash bar) $500

high: (open bar) $4000

low: $2000

High: $6000

Low: $7200

High: $20,150

Dang that's expensive!


GeckoGirl said...

The reception/food is generally what costs the most money. If you want to decrease your budget, consider days/times other than Saturday night which is "primetime" and costs the most. If you have your heart set on a Saturday, consider an early wedding (~11am) with hors d'ouevres and dessert rather than a full sit down meal.

TMAC said...

That really isn't that bad though. 20K for a wedding now a days is pretty commonplace. Still alot of money - don't get me wrong, but not as bad as a platinum wedding.

Is there a traditional asian component to the wedding?

Moneymonk said...

The justice of the peace and a weekend in New York does not sound bad now ! LOL

Reggie said...

Thanks for the comments:

Gecko girl: 'the boss' is kind of set on the date she's chosen which is a Saturday. Her Aunt, will be attempting to do most of the catering so hopefully we can swing a deal.

TMAC: um to answer your question without making it obvious what country 'the boss' is from I'll say there will most likely be a spontaneous 'pacific islander' component to the wedding.

Moneymonk: If I had a dollar for how many times I asked 'the boss' if we could just get eloped in Vegas, and she said 'no' - I'd be a millionaire by now.

Tasha said...

Weddings are SOOO expensive. I just got married on December 14. In order to save some $$ we did the justice of the peace and a weekend away. And we're doing the big church thing next December. Your high/low costs are actually on the low side compared to some of the prices I've been quoted.

And congrats on the impeding nuptials!!