Wednesday, December 26, 2007

2007...what have I accomplished

So I've been mulling about posting about my New year's resolutions and what I've accomplished.

I keep a 'Goal journal' of sorts and I have been keeping this journal in one form or another since my graduation from college.

I just looked up goals dated 1/3/07 - the last one I set yearly goals for around the beginning of the year.

Among my goals - financial goals anyway - on that list were:

  • Pay off shiny 'silver' card -SUCCESS
  • Find a new Job within company - 1 week till FAILURE
  • Establish business on the web - *I'm not sure if this blog - and the few dollars I've made with it - would count as a 'business' or not.
Some things I didn't set goals for that I accomplished anyway would be:

  1. Got out of debt (then back in) then back out (then back in again)
  2. Saved approximately $2500-3000 in 401k
  3. Started a personal finance book club at work
  4. Paid for a family members birthday part in cash
  5. Paid for all Xmas gifts with cash
I'm still debating what my final year-end goals will be for 2008 but here are some preliminary ideas:
  • Get out of debt and stay out of debt...again; the 1st part is easy, the 2nd part not so much
  • Pay for wedding expenses with cash rather than credit
  • Find a new, better paying, less stressful job
  • Double current yearly income
  • Help fiance learn the benefits of being frugal
  • Become a millionaire (OK, it's not likely but you never know)
like I said - these are preliminary I'll probably finalize them over the weekend.

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