Sunday, March 23, 2008

Progress report for Week ended - 3/23/08

So here's the status of my goals so far for the month. Lot's of progress on goal #2 :

Goals by the end of March 2008 -

  1. Decide on a part-time business to focus on for at least 2 months. - I believe once the 2nd job ends at the end of the upcoming week, I will try and re-focus on maintaining this blog and increasing readership.
  2. Save $2750 or more into Wedding savings account. - SUCCESS - As of today, the wedding account is at approximately $3777 - the balance will increase even more on Monday after I deposit some extra money I got this weekend.
  3. Do local and regional taxes - I have a million excuses for not getting to this as of yet. none of them that good - I think I'll have to set a specific date or else I won't meet this goal.

I'm really pumped now that the wedding account is actually starting to build up some cash. Shortly - we might have to switch to a different bank though because earlier this month I learned interest accrues quarterly - rather than monthly. Our interests earnings thus far since opening the account = $0.09, I think we can do better it's just a matter of finding a bank that is both me and my fiance's town.

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