Sunday, March 2, 2008

February results/March Goals

So all of my job related goals for the past month finally paid off it seems. I did get a job within my company which was the ultimate goal.

Goals by the end of February 2008 -

  1. Apply to 10 full time jobs that have a starting salary at at least 90% of current income - SUCCESS - I believe I achieved this. Obviously I stopped tracking this week.
  2. Go to 1 or more job fairs - SUCCESS - I did go to a job fair that wasn't all that fantastic. Luckily, I have a new job.
  3. Interview for at least 3 jobs at current company or similar-sized company -SUCCESS* Technically*, I would have had 3 interviews within my company if I hadn't gotten the new job. I got an invitation to an interview within my company this week and I happily explained that I had already accepted a job.
I am relieved and happy to say the least that my search for a full-time job was completed in a little over a month's time. It could have been much worse. I thank God and all who've helped me in this last month or so.

Now it's time to switch modes a little and focus more on alternate income.

Goals by the end of March 2008 -

  1. Decide on a part-time business to focus on for at least 2 months.
  2. Save $2750 or more into Wedding savings account.
  3. Do local and regional taxes
The above goals should all be achievable - I have about 4-5 ideas for part-time businesses, some involving partners, some without partners. The Wedding savings account took a hit today when the alternator in my car went bad and it had to be replaced - a $240 hit to the wedding account (with my fiance's permission) and a soon-to-be $292 hit to my savings account - once I pay off my credit card tomorrow. The local and regional taxes are ironically the most complicated tax forms I have to fill out so I've been procrastinating on getting them in. I already finished up my State and Federal taxes at the beginning of last month so hopefully, the IRS will be getting some money to me - any day now. It's kind of weird to me how the big government forms are so easy yet the small government forms are so complicated - you'd think it would be the reverse but I guess not.


savvy said...

I feel you on the taxes. I filed my federal and state a few weeks ago but have been procrastinating about doing the local (county) forms.

Reggie said...

I know, and I've held off doing them this weekend too because of the blizzard. Oh well.