Wednesday, July 2, 2008

June results/July Goals

This is basically just a recap for June:

  1. Publish Debt Freedom book (online or otherwise) - FAILURE - Got a little input from a family member that the book needs a lot of work. So it looks like publication won't be happening this month. I did send in my forms for the LLC but because a minor omission (forgot to add LLC at the end of the Co. name) the powers that be in the great state of Ohio sent the form back to me - along with my check. You'd think the fact that I was filling out an 'LLC application form' would make the LLC part inherent but, what do I know - especially about state bureaucracy.
  2. Join (or start) an entrepreneur's group - SUCCESS - I just went to great group last week and I plan to check out another one this coming week and a 3rd at the beginning of next month. I'm pumped. Hopefully the next two are as great as the one I went to on Thursday!
  3. Post at least 25 blogs this month - FAILURE - As I look at my blogs for June it looks like I've published 21 so far including this one. Close yet no cigar I guess. handling last minute wedding issues hasn't exactly helped the matter either.
  4. **Subscribe to Inc Magazine - SUCCESS -Done - yup I finished this simple goal way early. Maybe as a confidence booster for my other goals.
This month is going to be tricky - it's just slightly over a month before wedding nuptials so I think most of the goals might center around that. Did I mention that my 401k went down from last month? That's with me contributing + my company contributing 50% too - it still went down - almost makes a brother want to give up the long-haul investing mentality but I digress.

Goals for July - here we go:

  1. Break even or Increase Net Worth - this will be a task indeed with all the wedding spending that's likely to occur in the next 30-40 days.
  2. Set up website for business
  3. Set up checking account for business
  4. Get business cards for business
OK that last goal - the business cards is kind of just a 'gimme' goal - the rest though will be a challenge to say the least, especially since goal #1 is in direct or at least indirect competition with goals # 2, #4 and probably #3 as well. Oh well, if I can just remain focused and centered I think I have a chance of making it through.

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