Monday, July 14, 2008

Progress Report - for week ended 7/13/08

Here are my goals for July 2008:

  1. Break even or Increase Net Worth - it will be a nail-biter till the end to see if this goal can be accomplished. After spending $300+ last week on my car this week I have no real pressing expenses other than the expense of setting up my website for my business which appears to be up and running now per the Ohio Secretary's website.
  2. Set up website for business - Just need to contact my webmaster and start the ball rolling. I plan to start with a minimum investment but I'd like to hold off until payday this week just in case anything comes up while I'm low on funds.
  3. Set up checking account for business - At this point, mainly waiting on my next payday before I set this one up. Also need the paperwork back from the state for my TAX ID number.
  4. Get business cards for business - really just need to nail down the logo design - hopefully this week - and I should be able to wrap this goal up.
My focus has been all over the place lately; 1) on the impending wedding, 2)on my impending business, 3) on a charity project I'm supposed to do for the church of my relative. I always tend to do this - start a bunch of different projects simultaneously and then end up having mediocre results on all - I really need to cut this habit out if I am to have any success in the future. Time to start living by that Zen focus - give all your energy & your time to one thing that is happening(or can happen) right now...everything else is meaningless in comparison.

For those of you reading - wish me luck! Thanks in advance.

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