Monday, September 8, 2008

Progress report - for week ended 9/7/08

So here are my goals for September:

  1. Get computer fixed or get a new computer - So currently I have my computer over at the 'dork-team' or something like that at a big box electronics store. I dropped it off there Wednesday and I called today for a check up. The 'dork' I talked to said that they are still having issues with it which might mean I need to clear out the hard drive and start from the ground up. I plan to decide tonight.
  2. Begin sharing funds for family budget - SUCCESS - has already started with this week's groceries and bill paying.
  3. Finish final editing for book (no really I mean it this time) - The computer problem is keeping this goal from being achieved for the time being.
  4. Work on mutual savings goal with wife - working on this. My wife let me know today that she has every intention of getting a new job because she hates her boss at her new well-paying one. It looks like I might have to find a stable working environment for the wife before pursuing this will any major focus.
Slowly starting to get the hang of this being married thing but by no means am I (or do I see myself becoming) an expert. I might have to blow a bunch of money for a new CPU if the dork squad's nuclear option doesn't work. I hope that's not the case.

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