Tuesday, September 2, 2008

August 2008 Results*/September 2008 Goals

*August 2008 -

1) make a family budget - SUCCESS- We did make a rough draft of a budget but we need to go over it again- I had that small issue of getting married and going on a honeymoon that took up an enormous amount of my time.

September goals -

1) Get computer fixed or get a new computer
2) Begin sharing funds for family budget
3) Finish final editing for book (no really I mean it this time)
4) Work on mutual savings goal with wife.

OK The first goal is obviously going to become the most important one in the short term because as I type this I am in a public library with several children playing computer games, teenagers listening to their music or talking too loud and adults answering there cell phones ... Lord knows I miss my personal at home Internet.

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