Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Progress Report for week ended - 9/14/08

So here are my goals for September:
  1. Get computer fixed or get a new computer - I still have my computer over at the 'dork-team' or something like that at a big box electronics store. Since then I was instructed to call DELL to get a special disk. And after staying on hold for a good half hour - last week - they said they were sending it in 2-3 business days. Of course as you might have heard, Hurricane Ike went through Texas and some of it ended up here in Ohio complicating the 2-3 business days for the disk. I am really resisting the urge to just buy a new computer mainly because my wife is no longer employed at her 3 week employer.
  2. Begin sharing funds for family budget - SUCCESS - has already started with last week's groceries and bill paying. Unfortunately with her looking for a job again it looks like it's more or less my wallet OUR budget - oh well.
  3. Finish final editing for book (no really I mean it this time) - The computer problem is keeping this goal from being achieved for the time being. To put it more bluntly the most recently edited version of the book is saved on my non-working computer. I spent a good 20 hours of free time on that version and I am really procrastinating trying to that all over again on a library computer so i continue to wait for the "dork squad'.
  4. Work on mutual savings goal with wife - this is kind of the very back burner, collecting dust until my wife finds a new job. We may be able to squeak by with my salary but more likely, I'll probably have to either dip into savings or find a part-time job (again ...sigh) until she can find a job herself.

I have to say, this past week has been an interesting if not frustrating one:

  • My wife is no longer gainfully employed and is in search of a new job.
  • My computer has officially been in the shop for 3 weeks as of today.
  • A hurricane is most likely causing technical difficulties as far as getting my computer up and running again.
  • Power around the majority of my city has been knocked out due to the after-effects of Ike. Thankfully, me and my wife weren't affected.
  • The stock market plunges 400+ points (again)

I have to say it could be worse. My heart goes out to those in Houston and Galveston who lost there homes or worse. I also feel for those at Lehman Brother's who lost there jobs as well as those at AIG who will likely lose (at least some of) their jobs. "Things are tough all over..." might be a bit of an understatement.

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