Tuesday, September 2, 2008

August Net Worth: -9.74%

So it looks like after all the wedding expenses , a little post-wedding Honeymoon spending & household spending, my Net Worth has decreased by a little less than 10%.

As of right now, I think of that as a mixed blessing. The wedding expenses began to pop up out of nowhere during the last week of the engagement. At the same time it could have been much more expensive than it was. I think our aggressive bargain-shopping helped us out.

My wife and I just went to a wedding this weekend that had at least 300 people in total (ours had about 180 guests) and it boggled my mind how much everything must have cost. My wife initially told me that the couple was paying for the wedding themselves. Afterwards though she informed me that the groom's parents had picked up the tab for the fairly lavish reception. My guess is the reception alone was in the low 5-digits and that's with no alcohol and no DJ.

In other news my wife just got a decent-paying job however, after the first week, she came to the determination that she hates the work environment with a passion. I almost passed out this weekend when she said she was planning on quitting [Today]. Luckily I talked her out of it and she is back on the job hunt, while still gainfully employed (whew).

Now, if only I can get my computer running again along with a reliable schedule - I'll be set.

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