Sunday, September 21, 2008

Progress report for week ended - 9/21/08

So here are my goals for September:
  1. Get computer fixed or get a new computer - SUCCESS - I just got back my computer today finally from the dork squad. It turns out that my apartment management doesn't contact you when they have packages unless you have not picked up the item in over a week. They received my DELL disks last Friday. I obviously made the mistaken assumption that they would call or drop a note by if they had something that had been sent overnight, I thought wrong.
  2. Begin sharing funds for family budget - SUCCESS - has started but it's basically me creating a budget for myself because I'm doing the majority of the spending as my wife still remains unemployed.
  3. Finish final editing for book (no really I mean it this time) - So now that I have the computer back I plan to devote a large chunk of my time to get this book editing done and over with. I think I had possibly a chapter or less left when the computer went down last time. I might run it by a couple good friends first and then off to the publishers I shall go.
  4. Work on mutual savings goal with wife - This is a goal that will be post-poned in the short term while my wife looks for a job.
Although My wife returning to the world of the 'employed' is a priority, I have to say that getting this book out of the way just to say it is done is a major priority that I have in my sights right now. I'm saying my silent prayers but I also have faith that this can open up other doors and opportunities for me in the long run.

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