Sunday, January 20, 2008

Progress Report - for week ended 1/20/08

Well, well - since learning I will shortly no longer be 'gainfully-employed' I have been focusing a ridiculous amount on goal #1

Goals by the end of January 2008 -

  1. Apply to 20 full-time jobs (using cover letters) - SUCCESS -I've applied to (at least) 35 jobs so far, tomorrow (no disrespect to MLK) I will be beating the streets for a part time job while I still have a full time job.
  2. Save $1500 in Me & fiance's joint (wedding expenses) savings account - We are still at $854, last I checked - Not sure I will care too much about this goal now as I finding a job is all consuming.
  3. Re-send query to two books agents, send query letter to 10 new agents - still, NO progress. Probably won't be either, again until goal #1 is achieved.

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