Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ahh, My 1st time-share presentation....Part 1

So, over the weekend, me and my fiance went to a 'Travel Agencies' office to pick up her 'prize' ( a 2 day 3 night stay in Florida or Vegas) that she won simply by filling out a prize card at a Wedding show we went to a couple weeks back.

I was immediately skeptical but, the fiance was intent on getting her 'free' (*ahem*) trip. She said all we had to do was sit through an hour-long informational presentation.

OK - now, I know what you're saying - "Reggie, you know better" - yes, I would agree that I do but, my fiance - again, was intent on getting her free trip - and I myself had never had the pleasure of being 'informed' about what this wonderful 'travel agency' could make all our travel and honeymoon dreams come true.

So, begrudgingly I went, at 9:00 am or so on a Saturday (my fiance didn't want to be late for the 10:00 presentation because 'space is limited'!)

So we went, and found a room filled with couples in winter coats filling out forms.

My fiance approached the desk and filled out a form that stated something to the effect of:

"In order to receive free trip you must:
  • Be a couple planning a trip in the next year
  • Earn over 25K a year
  • Be willing to pay a $50 FULLY REFUNDABLE -deposit for your free trip
  • Be willing to give up a large chunk of your take home pay each month for a time share - you'll likely never visit. "

OK, that last part I might of added but, Man, what a waste of 2 hours of my life....

The sales presenter, who I later found out was a manager for the 'Marketing Office' seemed so unenthusiastic. It was bordering on pathetic - He didn't even try to hide the fact that he was trying to sell anything he just said very plainly and without any emotion things like:

"This is a marketing office"
"Those cards you signed up for at the mall are what's called 'permission based marketing"
"We make our money by buying in bulk and selling to you at a discount"
"Unconventional financing"

All free of the accomplished sales guys energy and fake smile.

Anyway, long and short of it when he cut to the chase at the end - it turns out they were selling 30 vacations in time shares the marketing company for the whopping good deal of $15,000! and to be honest they had a couple goods locations but, most were places I wasn't too terribly interested in ever visiting. They didn't stop there though, they knocked off $3000 of the package price for us being so nice and coming in - taking the price down to $12,000.

And the properties that they own appear to be townhouses for the most part but, they didn't go into great detail where exactly they are in relation to vacation attractions and things like that.

After the presentation, the Sales Manager handed each of us couples off to an Agent who explained to us in detail, how the deal worked....


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Moneymonk said...

everyone that has a brain knows how timeshares work. My husband and I went to 3 of them in Vegas, We made over $300. They get so upset when you are not interested. As if you are stealing money from them.

One company went all the from $30,000 to a payment plan of $30 a month LOL

They insulted themselves by going that low. So deperate, we still said NO.

Reggie said...

Thanks Monalyn,

Moneymonk, yeah, they got ridiculously low with us too.

You could tell the last sales guy was pissed (or was at least acting like it) when I rejected his low-ball offer. My fiance, even got upset at 'what a great deal' we threw away but, I think after explaining the additional charges - she understood it wasn't as great a deal as he made it sound.