Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Article/Newsbit of the Week: Loonie surges past 108 cents US

So if you didn't check out yesterday's video blog about how Money is Debt you should.

The following article (which is the end result of the above documentary video) can not be easily found on my favorite News source - CNNMoney.com

Instead, I had to look to the often over-looked Canadian media - i.e., Canoe.ca for the interesting article:

Higher commodities, earnings boosts stocks; Loonie surges past 108 cents US

That's right the title says it all, the Loonie (aka the Canadian dollar) is now worth 108 American cents.

Or, put another way, Those magazines that used to say $3 American/$4 Canadian are no longer accurate - it's more like $3 American/$2.76 Canadian...those worthless Canadian pennies don't seem so worthless anymore.


zackattack said...

Great post! But I would like for you to comment on some of my posts sometimes!

C'mon man, FAIR IS FAIR!
LOL!!!! But here's to both of us becoming the most famous bloggers!

Reggie said...

thanks for the comment Zack - keep on posting.