Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Article/Newsbit of the week: 10 ways to pay cash for X-mas

So I am veering away from the reliable CNNMoney.com and seeking other sources of Finance news. Mainly because they didn't exactly advertise the fact that the Canadian Loonie surpassed the American dollar.

Anyway, the article:

10 ways to pay cash for Christmas

By Liz Pulliam Weston Talks about just that. A tip that is becoming more and more of a likely necessity is Tip # 5 -

"5. Get a(nother) job
Plenty of businesses add bodies during the holidays: retail stores, package delivery services, craft stores, ski resorts and temp agencies (to fill in for all those vacationing workers). These temporary part-time jobs can boost your pay, and you may qualify for employee discounts. MSN Careers is one place to start looking.

If you need a more flexible gig, consider a home-based business that doesn't require a big upfront investment. Some possibilities: baby-sitting, tutoring, house-sitting, dog walking, errand running, housecleaning, home organization (garage clean-outs and closet tuneups might be particularly appreciated this time of year)."
I may have to work myself to death again to get rid of the debt and pay for X-mas gifts simultaneously. Only time will tell.

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