Wednesday, October 1, 2008

September results/October goals

So here are my goals for September:

Get computer fixed or get a new computer - SUCCESS - I got my computer back last week after 4 weeks of waiting.
Begin sharing funds for family budget - SUCCESS - is in effect no because my wife is still unemployed.
Finish final editing for book (no really I mean it this time) - FAILURE - Shoulda, coulda, woulda - I need to buckle down it's just hard to get motivated to do side projects when the main thing is my wife's lack of a job.
Work on mutual savings goal with wife - FAILURE - This is a goal is still postponed in the short term while my wife looks for a job.

I am frustrated on a few fronts right now. The stock market tanking on Monday is not really helping the situation. Hopefully the bill will get passed even though it's helping out fat cats.

Goals for October 2008:

1) Find a job for wife by month's end

2) Finish editing of book

3) Decide on publisher

4) Blog more often

I could go into more detail but right now I'm not exactly in the greatest of moods - that being said I'll update a bit later.

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