Monday, October 6, 2008

Progress Report for week ended 10/5/08

Goals for October 2008:

1) Find a job for wife by month's end - I applied to 10 jobs over the weekend on my wife's behalf. She received 2 phone calls back today and has 1 "pseudo-interview" set up.

2) Finish editing of book - The plan is to work on this a little bit tonight but, we shall see.

3) Decide on publisher - need to get the book together - i.e., step 2...before I can honestly begin talking about publishers.

4) Blog more often - I am not doing that great a job at this goal right out of the blocks but, hopefully I'll improve it this week and next.

So many things going on - so many things to be distracted with. I think I just need to find some zen-like focus and get the necessary stuff out of the way while letting the unnecessary stuff (and there is a lot of it) fall to the wayside.

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