Monday, April 21, 2008

Progress Report for the Week ended 4-20-08

Here is the goal for April:

Add $3000 into Wedding Savings account.

So far it looks like we may be falling short of this goal by a bit. We've currently added about $321 to this account at this point. We've been a little bit hampered by moving as well as moving expenses.

I personally am 80% moved in at this point. But I need to do things such as switch over Internet service (I'm at my new neighborhood library currently) and redo my address before I can completely regain focus.

Luckily a few weeks ago my fiance & my fiance's mother were able to lock down catering for just under a grand so that should save us at least $300 bucks. I also already reserved and paid for the honeymoon so that's another variable we can put to rest. Once everything's moved in - we should be able to re-focus.

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