Wednesday, April 2, 2008

March Results/April Goals

So I made a bit of progress in the past month.

Goals by the end of March 2008 -

  1. Decide on a part-time business to focus on for at least 2 months. - FAILURE - to be quite honest I have not had enough time to focus on a business - or maybe it is I just have not devoted enough time to that focus. Either way I have not yet found the million-dollar get rich quick on night's and weekends scheme that I've been dreaming of.
  2. Save $2750 or more into Wedding savings account. - SUCCESS - I met this goal and then some. If I had a little more help from the misses we could have doubled this goal but, you'll hear no complaints from me.
  3. Do local and regional taxes - SUCCESS - I did them - mailing them is another thing altogether.
Now here come the goal(s) for April:

  1. Add $3000 into Wedding Savings account.
I'm going to try something a little bit different this month. Instead of focusing on a lot of little goals to get muddled I will focus on one slightly impossible goal. We'll see how that works out.


Debt Hater said...

Hi! Good luck on April. I fell far short of most of my goals for the first quarter of the year, but not on debt repayment! I'm almost done with that.
The other, like you, is a business I have been visualizing, but haven't had time to make a reality (and one of my good friends is already starting up something similar! And I'm helping her. AARRGGH!)
Well both get there. And congrats, if I haven't said so already, on getting married! We're still working on choosing a date... if I had my way, we'd elope in Vegas :-)

Reggie said...

Thanks Debt hater,

Good luck with you and your man.

I know what you mean on the business side. I just need to focus on 1 specific business and stick with it. picking is easy - sticking with it is what gives me problems.