Tuesday, June 26, 2007

2nd job

2nd job:

So, I have been steadily trying to get out of debt while in the meantime, working a 2nd job for the past month or so. The job is in retail and at first they had me working a 'labor -intensive' type job. This was fine for a while, sans the heavy lifting, and opening boxes mindlessly but, among other things, they kept scheduling outside my requested hours.

I finally got fed up and gave them 2 weeks notice 1 week ago. My girlfriend asked why I quit - (after loudly complaining prior that the extra job would keep her from seeing me that often) _ I explained I didn't like what I was doing and it would simply take me longer to achieve my financial goals.

Then, this weekend while working the 2nd job, the Assistant Manager asked me if he could get me to stay if he switched me to a non-labor intensive position. I immediately said "YES" and 'tada' I'm rehired - retracting my 'resignation'. So now instead of lifting & opening boxes daily - I get to stand around, smile at customers and fold stuff... In my opinion that's what a part time job should be: no heavy thinking - no heavy lifting.

This will hopefully allow me to stay on track with my goal of getting out of debt now by the middle/end of August, end of July if I'm lucky - it was the end of June i.e., NOW before that and it was the middle of May prior to that. Word of advice for the fellas - having a girlfriend who likes to go out to eat often and a chivalrous (guy should always pay) upbringing do not do well for the wallet.

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