Thursday, May 31, 2007

credit cards

They are in fact evil,

somewhere at a Credit Card company right now someone, possibly in India, is working earnestly to offer an American the chance to go slowly, deeper into debt at only $9.95 a month
for adding onto their account - charging onto their account - that monthly fee in order to 'protect' the card user from identity theft or unauthorized charges. Little does the cardholder know that the majority of card companies can only hold the cardholder responsible for a whopping $50.00 of unauthorized charges. So on the 9.95 a month that turns into $119.40 yearly charge for the possibility of an unauthorized charge of $50.00. Of course this is not including finance charges of 14% and up...

If you are paying the minimum on your credit cards you are in essence taxing yourself for year's to come.

pay off that card now! whether your balance is $1000 or $100,000 pay it off. Do not let some faceless credit card company have a hold on your freedom. They want you to commit to the idea that all Americans should have everything they want - the moment they want it.

Lifelong wealth takes time - have patience, cut back, pay off that debt.

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