Monday, December 22, 2008

Series 6 anyone?

So - due to circumstances at least partially out of my hands. I am on the path to getting my series 6. So - assuming I pass - I will be a legit investment representative. If I fail I'll be another schmo talking about finances with no credentials.

Two problems are arising though - 1) the Series 6 is appearing to be a lot more difficult than I was expecting; calls , puts and UIT's Oh my!

2) If I pass, my ability to get an extra job will be severely restricted due to the fact that every time money is made outside of your finance job you have to report it to your employer. Who then reports it to FINRA and the SEC. In other words no 2nd job OR part-time business for me.

I hope it's all worth it. I think a trainee that had been studying for the past month or so just failed when he took it last week. I know a little more than the trainee but only by so much. Hopefully by January it will be a lot more...

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